WWDC week in San Jose is exciting and overwhelming at the same time: so many iOS and Mac developers all in one city. You finally have the chance to meet all the people in person you interact with online usually.

By making a real-time map of all developers you'll be able to spontaneously meet nearby developers or join other groups.

How does it work

Apple limits the number of users in a location sharing group, as does line.here.

This year WWDC.family is "ConfFriends". Building upon past years solutions, ConfFriends uses Texture & Firebase to provide a performant map of users from around the world as they descend on San Jose.

This year we've made it super easy to hide & disable your location, add a privacy zone which avoids tracking your location within a specific area as well as the option to delete your account & information at anytime.

We will be open sourcing the code on GitHub shortly.


If you have any ideas, please get in touch with me on Twitter.